Mostbet Aviator Online: Rules, Features, and Bonuses

If you like adventure and unexpected outcomes, Aviator is the game for you. Developed by Spribe, it will keep you in suspense from the first to the last second. In this article, let’s understand the rules, features and bonuses of Mostbet Aviator.

What is Mostbet Aviator?

Aviator Game

In Aviator, players will have to bet before the virtual aircraft takes off at the start of each round. As the aircraft climbs upwards, the multiplier increases, giving players the opportunity to multiply their bet up to 10,000 times!

The rules of the Aviator game look like this:

  1. Bet Placement. Players must place at least one bet before the round starts, but additional bets can be placed if desired;
  2. Multiplier Increase. After betting, the virtual aircraft starts flying and the multiplier increases, potentially multiplying the value of the original bet;
  3. Cash Out. Players from Bangladesh have the option to hit the cash out button at any time during the round, locking in their winnings based on the current multiplier. However, players must act quickly as the aircraft can disappear at any moment, resulting in the loss of their bet if it is not cashed out in time;
  4. Winning. Players win if they hit the “cash out” button before the plane disappears, multiplying their bet by the current multiplier.

Here’s how Mostbet Aviator review looks like from the technical side:

Release DateFebruary 15, 2019
RTP (Return to Player)97%
Round Interval5 seconds
Number of Bets AllowedUp to 2 bets
PlatformsAndroid, IOS, Windows

Aviator Game Features

Features of the game

Aviator is no ordinary slot machine, but an emotional rollercoaster filled with exciting features. Let’s take a look at some of the key features of Aviator that you can use and answer the question Mostbet Aviator is real or fake.

In-game chat

Say goodbye to playing in isolation and use the in-game chat feature at Mostbet Aviator. Chat with other players in real time, exchange jokes and make new friends while soaring through the skies. With an inbuilt set of emoji and GIFs, you’ll be able to share stats from every round played to keep the conversation flowing and your spirits high.

Real-time statistics

Keep your finger on the pulse of the game with the Mostbet Aviator live stats feature. By switching between different tabs, you can view live bets, track your own progress and explore the leaderboard to see the biggest cash wins and multipliers achieved in a day, month or year. Stay ahead of the competition and strategise your next moves with valuable data.

Double stakes

At any time during the betting phase, you have the option to add a second bet to your original bet. This gives you the opportunity to diversify your strategy and make two separate bets that can be cashed out independently of each other at any time.

Automatic Cash Out

Never miss out on the perfect opportunity to cash out thanks to Aviator’s automatic cashout feature. Set your desired withdrawal threshold and the game will automatically withdraw your money when the multiplier reaches your specified value. This feature is effortless and will maximise your chances of winning.

Sign up for Mostbet now to take advantage of these innovative Aviator features!

Mostbet Aviator Demo

Mostbet Aviator Demo is a free-to-play version of the game that allows you to explore all the features and mechanics without having to deposit funds into your account. Instead of real money, players are provided with virtual credits that can be used to place bets.

Why use the demo version of Mostbet Aviator online? We tell you in detail:

  • Risk-free play. Demo mode allows players to familiarise themselves with the game and its features without risking real money. This is the best way for beginners to learn the game or for experienced players to try out new strategies;
  • Practice and Strategy. Whether you’re honing your skills or trying out different betting strategies, the Aviator demo mode provides a safe and comfortable environment to experiment;
  • Exploring features. From in-game chat and real-time betting to double bets and an auto-cash-out feature, Aviator’s demo allows players to explore all the game’s features at their own pace and without any financial pressure.

How to play in Aviator demo mode at Mostbet:

  1. Simply go to the Mostbet website and find the Aviator game in the main menu. Find the option to play in demo mode, usually labelled “Demo”. Keep in mind that the demo mode will be available even without registration;
  2. Once in demo mode, launch the game’s interface and take some time to familiarise yourself with the rules and features;
  3. Place your bet and start playing. Adjust the bet size according to your preferences and strategy;
  4. Take advantage of the demo mode to experiment with different betting strategies, chat and explore all the features of Mostbet Aviator at your leisure.

The Mostbet Aviator demo mode is completely free and requires no deposit. Just register at Mostbet and have fun!

How to Win in Mostbet Aviator?

Tips on how to win

Like any game of chance, success at Aviator requires a combination of strategy, discipline and a dash of luck. If you want to get closer to winning, here are our top three tips to help you on that flight:

  • Practice for free before playing for real money. Before you play Aviator for real money, take advantage of the free demo mode offered by Mostbet. Familiarise yourself with the mechanics of the game, understand how the multiplier works, experiment with different betting strategies – all without risking real money. By practising in a risk-free environment, you’ll be able to hone your skills and develop a winning strategy that works for you;
  • Don’t get greedy. In Aviator, it’s easy to be tempted by the rapidly increasing multiplier and let greed cloud your judgement. However, greed can quickly lead to ill-considered bets and unnecessary losses. Instead, take a disciplined approach. Set realistic goals, stick to a predetermined budget and don’t be tempted to chase unrealistically high multipliers. Remember, patience and moderation are the keys to long-term success at Aviator;
  • Take advantage of Mostbet bonuses. One of the benefits of playing at Mostbet is the abundance of bonuses and promotions available to players. Whether it’s a welcome bonus, cashback or even a no deposit bonus, they will all give you extra funds to play with, extend your gaming sessions and potentially increase your chances of winning. Be sure to keep an eye out for any available bonuses and take advantage of them whenever possible;
  • Use the “Autocash” and “Double Bet” functions. Aviator game Mostbet offers handy features such as auto cashout and double betting. With the auto cashout feature, you can set a predetermined multiplier at which you want to automatically cash out, allowing you to lock in your winnings at the optimum time. In addition, the double bets feature allows you to place a second bet alongside your initial bet and dispose of it as you see fit.

Bonuses for Aviator Game at Mostbet

Promotions available for Aviator Game

Mostbet, as an experienced and big gambling operator, has developed a whole package of bonuses. Here are some of the promotions that are available for the Aviator game at Mostbet:

  • Cashback at casinos. Fortune doesn’t always smile on players, but Mostbet is ready to give you up to 10% of your losses back. Just spin the slots and play at Mostbet and part of your losses will be returned to your account in the form of cashback;
  • Welcome bonus on the first deposit. Mostbet welcomes new players with open arms, offering them a generous welcome bonus on their first deposit. Get a 100% bonus on your deposit amount as well as 250 free spins in the casino. You have 7 days after registration to activate the bonus;
  • Loyalty Programme. Mostbet rewards loyal players through the casino’s loyalty programme, where players earn coins for various actions on the site or app. These coins can then be redeemed for bonuses, free bets or cash back.

How to Play Aviator at Mostbet?

Game Guide

If you’re ready to take flight and test yourself in Aviator, follow these simple instructions:


Choose a reliable online casino

First of all, you need to choose an online casino that offers Aviator in its game library. Mostbet is the perfect choice, known for its collection of games including Aviator;

Choose a reliable online casino

Mostbet Aviator login

Right on the Mostbet homepage you will see the Aviator logo. Click on it and wait for the next round to start;

Open the Aviator game

Place a bet

In between rounds, you will need to place a bet. Start with the obligatory single bet for an amount you are comfortable with. In addition, you have the option of playing an optional second bet, which must also be placed before the round begins;

Place a bet

Watch the flight

Once all bets have been placed, the flight will begin and the game will go live. Watch the screen as the aircraft multiplier begins to increase, and with it your potential winnings. The multiplier will continue to increase as long as the flight lasts;

Watch the flight and enjoy the game

Cash out your money at the right moment

Your goal in Aviator is to cash out with the highest possible profit before the plane leaves. Watch the multiplier and cash-out amount carefully, and be ready to make a decision at any moment. Remember that a round can end abruptly, so time is of the essence.

Cash out

Mostbet Aviator APK

We are pleased to announce that you can enjoy Aviator right on your mobile device with the Mostbet app! Download the official app on your smartphone or tablet, open it and find Aviator in the main menu. The app works on Android and iOS operating systems. Don’t miss the opportunity to experience exciting adventures in the skies right from your mobile phone or tablet! Mostbet Aviator download now!

Mostbet Aviator Signal

Fair play

Unlike some online games where signals, bots or hacking attempts can make sense, Aviator operates on a system that completely eliminates such interference. The game’s algorithm is built on Provably Fair technology, ensuring that every round is completely fair and unbiased. This means that signals, bots or any Mostbet Aviator tricks cannot influence the outcome of the game.

The Aviator game algorithm relies on Provably Fair technology, a cryptographic system that guarantees 100 per cent fairness of the game results. Thanks to this technology, a third party cannot interfere with the gameplay. Each round is randomly generated and is not subject to external manipulation.

The result of an Aviator game is not determined on the Spribe Aviator servers. Instead, it is generated from a combination of values provided by all participants in the game round, including the first three bettors. This data is then combined to generate a SHA512 hash code, which ultimately determines the result of the game round. Importantly, this hash code is publicly available, allowing players to manually check the fairness of each round.

Thus, Mostbet Aviator algorithm works on the basis of technology that ensures 100% fairness, transparency and honesty at every stage of the game. So, don’t delay and register via the link now!