Mostbet Privacy Statement

This Privacy Statement explains how MostBet (hereafter referred to as “We”) uses the details you give us in order to administer your account with MostBet.

We will process any personal data you give us in accordance with this Privacy Statement, whether it was given to us directly or through the Mostbet website. You give us permission to use your personal information as described in this Privacy Statement by sending us this information through the website. Please refrain from using the Site or otherwise giving us your personal information if you disagree with the terms of this Privacy Statement.

Information Collection and Use

The following is a list of the details and data concerning you that we may gather and use:

  • Information you give us when you fill out forms on the website, as well as any other details you send us by email or through the website.
  • Correspondence, whether it be by a website, email, phone, or other channel.
  • Information about payments you’ve made: transaction ID, amount, date, and payment method. Credit card numbers are not kept by us!
  • Information about your visits to the website, such as traffic statistics, location data, login information, and other information.

We may also use your personal information and other data for the following purposes:

  • To process your bets, bank card payments, and online payments; 
  • To set up and manage your account; to comply with legal obligations; 
  • To conduct analysis; to send you information about promotional offers, our products, and services, with your consent; 
  • To monitor transactions in order to stop fraud, illegal betting, and money laundering. 

Information Disclosure

To assist in the investigation of fraud and money laundering, we may provide sporting and other organizations, including the police, with information we have about you, including your personal information and betting history.


As required by law, we make every effort to guarantee that your personal data is accurately collected and safely stored. When it is no longer necessary to keep it or when it is mandated by law, all personal information is destroyed.

Any information sent to us over the Internet is not guaranteed to be secure. You send all information at your own risk. However, as soon as we get your transmission, we take all necessary precautions to safeguard it against loss, misuse, and unauthorized access.

Modifications to our Privacy Statement

Any upcoming modifications to our Privacy Statement will be noted on this page, and they’ll take effect once they’re included in the updated Privacy Statement.

Money-Laundering and Anti-Terrorism Policy of the Company

MostBet is taking all necessary precautions to prevent money laundering and international terrorism (AML Policy). By doing this, the Company upholds a resolute and moral position on the enforcement of all laws and related regulations. If there are any grounds for suspicion that the money deposited by the User are related to money laundering or terrorism financing operations, the Company is required to alert the appropriate governmental authorities in order to meet these duties. Along with other actions required by AML policy requirements, the Company will be required to block such a User’s funds.

Money laundering is the conversion, transfer, receipt, possession, or use of property obtained through criminal activity (or property obtained in exchange for such property) for the purpose of concealing the illicit origin of such property. It also refers to withholding or maintaining confidentiality as to the true origin, source, location, disposition, movement, ownership, or other rights to such property.

Many nations are continually battling against money laundering and terrorist funding in order to stop the infiltration of dishonest capital into the state’s economy and to stop the spread of crime.

In order to assist national and international organizations in their efforts to combat money laundering and terrorist funding worldwide, the Company implements internal regulations and special programs of measures.

So, you commit to the following duties when you open an account with the Company:

  • You guarantee that you will abide by all relevant laws and rules pertaining to anti-money laundering and counter-terrorist financing, including but not limited to the AML Policy.
  • You affirm that you have no knowledge or reason to believe that the money used to fund your account, in the past, present, or future, was obtained illegally or is connected to any other illegal activity that is prohibited by applicable law or the directives of any international organizations. 
  • You also agree to provide us with any information we may reasonably request in order to comply with applicable anti-money laundering regulations.

The company keeps track of all transactions in the user’s account, including those that were done under unusual circumstances, and collects and keeps copies of your identification documents.

If the Company has reason to suspect that a transaction has anything to do with money laundering and illegal behavior, the Company maintains the right to refuse a User the ability to complete the transaction at any time and at any stage. The Company is not required under international law to warn the User that their behaviour is questionable and that information about it has been forwarded to the appropriate state authorities.