Mostbet Customer Support in Bangladesh

The Mostbet support team is committed to providing reliable assistance to users, ensuring that their journey on the platform is smooth and enjoyable. Whether you encounter technical glitches, want to enquire about accounts or seek clarification on promotions, the experienced support agents are there to help. Explore the various ways in which users can Mostbet contact.

FAQ Section

If you encounter a problem or want clarification on the Mostbet platform, the FAQ section serves as an initial point of reference. Before contacting Mostbet helpline, users are advised to explore this extensive repository of frequently asked questions. 

The FAQ section is divided into categories such as Getting Started, Registration and Login, Making a Deposit and others. The FAQ section can be easily accessed via the help menu on the Mostbet website or app. Whether it’s troubleshooting technical glitches, understanding promotional offers or understanding the withdrawal process, users can navigate through the relevant sections to find concise and informative answers to their questions. 

By prioritising the FAQ section, users can quickly find solutions to their problems on their own.

Mostbet Online Chat

Mostbet’s online chat feature provides users with a convenient and efficient way to contact the platform’s support team directly. Response times are usually quick: users are connected to a support agent within minutes. This Mostbet contact method is suitable for a variety of purposes, including troubleshooting technical problems, resolving account issues, and seeking help with promotions or bonuses. It can also be conveniently used as a replacement for the Mostbet Whatsapp number.

Help via Telegram

Help via Mostbet Telegram offers users another way to contact the support team. Response times can vary, but users can usually expect a quick response within a few hours. This method of contact is suitable for queries related to account assistance, technical support, payment issues and general questions about Mostbet’s services. To access support via Telegram, users can contact Mostbet’s dedicated English-speaking support bot by searching for “@mbeng_bot” in the Telegram app or via a link on the website.

Support via Email

Support via Mostbet email provides users with an official channel to send their questions or concerns to the support team. Response times usually vary depending on the volume of queries, but users can expect a response within a reasonable timeframe of up to 12 hours. This method of communication is suitable for a wide variety of purposes, including account assistance, technical support, payment enquiries and general enquiries. Users can contact the Mostbet support team by emailing [email protected]. This method helps to describe your problems more fully and attach media files.

Mostbet on Social Media

Mostbet has an active presence on various social media platforms including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube. Although response times can vary depending on the platform and volume of requests, Mostbet endeavours to respond to users’ messages and queries in a timely manner, usually within a few hours. 

Social media serves as an interactive channel that allows users to interact with the Mostbet brand, ask for help, stay up to date with promotions and offers, and connect with other users on Mostbet Instagram. Players can find the official Mostbet social media accounts by searching for “Mostbet” on their preferred platform.

What Problems Does the Mostbet Support Team Work with?

Users of Mostbet, like many other betting companies and online casinos, can encounter many common problems. Some of the Mostbet complaints include:

  • Users may encounter technical issues such as website or app crashes, slow loading times or problems with placing bets or games.
  • Many users encounter problems with the account verification process, which is often required for security and regulatory reasons. Delays or complications in this process can frustrate users.
  • Problems with deposits and withdrawals are common, including rejected transactions, processing delays, or confusion about payment methods and fees.
  • Users may have questions or concerns about bonus terms and conditions, eligibility criteria, betting requirements or the process of applying for promotions and bonuses.
  • Although Mostbet provides customer support channels, users may find it difficult to contact support agents or receive timely and satisfactory responses to their queries or complaints on the Mostbet customer care number.
  • Some users may find it difficult to practice responsible gambling, encountering difficulties in setting limits, self-excluding or seeking assistance with gambling related issues.

Resolving these common issues quickly and efficiently is crucial to ensuring a positive user experience and maintaining customer satisfaction at Mostbet.

Mostbet Contact Information

Users can choose the contact method that best suits their preferences and needs to contact Mostbet customer support.

Contact Method


Online chat

Available on the Mostbet website or app

Telegram support


Email support

 [email protected]

Social networks

Facebook, X (Twitter), Instagram, YouTube