Mostbet Legal Regulations

Mostbet is authorized to operate in gambling business under the Curacao license number 8048/JAZ2016-065. The payment operator is Venson LTD. HE 352364 is the registration number. Legal address: Plateia Eleftherias, Flat/Office 4, Stasinou 1, MITSI BUILDING 1, 1st Floor, Nicosia, Cyprus 1060. Physical address is: S.I. OLYMPIA BUSINESS CENTER, Agios Andreas, 1105, Nicosia, Cyprus, 4 Kadmou Street.

Basic Rules

  1. MostBet will never be liable to the client for any indirect, incidental, or consequential losses or damages (including lost profits).
  1. A bet cannot be canceled because of an internet connection failure at the time the client receives confirmation of it.
  1. Any bet placed is a sign that the customer has read, understood, and accepted these betting rules.
  1. The basis for calculating bets and determining winnings shall only be the outcomes of events announced by the betting company. Only the package containing the official documentation of the relevant sports federations will be taken into consideration for claims regarding the outcomes of events.
  1. The betting company reserves the right to prevent such frauds if there are suspicions that a bettor is engaging in them (e.g., multi-account, multi-session (several simultaneous active sessions of one account), bets made by third parties, use of betting automation software, participating in arbitrage situations, bets made to exceed the company’s set limits, if the game account is not used for betting, abusing loyalty programs, etc.).

Legal guidelines and limitations

  1. Persons who are at least 18 years old or have reached the age of majority in their jurisdiction (if that age is higher than 18) and who accept the betting company’s betting rules are eligible to place bets.
  1. No bets are accepted from those who are under the age of 18 at the time of entry, from those who are participants in the events on which a bet is made (athletes, coaches, referees, club owners or officials, and others with the power to affect the outcome of the event), as well as from those acting on their behalf, from those representing the interests of other bookmakers, and from those whose participation in the agreement with the bettor is not expressly permitted by the terms of the agreement).
  1. The bettor is accountable for breaking the previous (#2 point) of these Regulations. The betting company reserves the right to refuse to pay any winnings, to return any deposits made, and to cancel any bets in the event that these Rules are broken. When the bookmaker learns that a customer falls under one of the listed groups of people, it takes no responsibility for that. This means that once it is recognized that the client is one of the designated people, the betting firm has the right to execute the specified actions at any moment.
  1. Customers who do not abide by these Rules may not place bets with the bookmaker. If the customer violates the rules of good behavior and public order, the bookmaker maintains the right to refuse to accept any sort of bets from the customer.
  1. The bookmaker retains the power to decline any bettor’s wagers without providing a reason.
  1. Based on the data supplied by the processing center of the bookmaker, all rates are calculated in advance.
  1. If it is determined that a participant in the bet had knowledge of the outcome of the event at the time of betting, had the chance to influence the outcome of the event by being a direct participant in the match (athletes, referees, coaches, etc.), or someone acting on their behalf, or that bets were placed by a group of betting participants acting in syndicate, the company reserves the right to close the gaming account and cancel all bets placed on this account.
  1. At the bookmaker’s discretion, customer account balances in the aforementioned circumstances might not be eligible for a refund once the procedures are through. In this scenario, the balance’s value will be calculated without taking the money that was received illegally into account. When a player deposits money into or withdraws money from MostBet’s account, the company maintains the right to refuse to reimburse them for any payment system costs they may have lost.
  1. The company retains the right to seek identification documents and perform a video conference to verify the owner’s identity.
  1. The bookmaker’s security service has the right to request from the bet participant any documents, at the company’s discretion, confirming his/her identity and other information provided by the client, as well as to withhold any payments until all information is verified. This could happen if the security service has concerns about the player’s identity or the accuracy of the information provided (address, credit or debit card, other data). Document verification can take up to 24 hours from the time it is requested. The business reserves the right to void all bets and temporarily halt any cash payouts if it is determined that the information it received was unreliable.
  1. The account owner affirms or accepts that any actions taken within the account are done so by the account owner. The account owner is liable for any activities taken by unauthorized users on the account.
  1. The account owner affirms or accepts that all activities carried out through the account and using its credentials are done so on his behalf or with his consent.
  1. It is forbidden for users from nations where gambling on sports is forbidden to use a bank card issued in that nation to make purchases on the website.
  1. The owner of the bank card is responsible for understanding his country’s laws regarding gambling.
  1. It is prohibited for anyone under the age of majority to participate in gambling or use that person’s bank card to make purchases on a bookmaker’s website.
  1. The bookmaker maintains the right to change the rules’ language or add new ones at any moment. Any new or updated regulations will be in force as soon as they are published on the website.
  1. The following rules are provided by MostBet for your benefit so that you can play responsibly and prevent any issues by following the advice below:
  • Set time and financial restrictions for yourself prior to beginning the game.
  • Use only funds that you can afford to lose when you play. 
  • Never attempt to win back a lost battle. If you are impaired by alcohol or any other substance, avoid gambling.

Regulations for taking bets and resolving disputes (pre-trial procedure)

  1. Conditions for accepting bets (odds, possible outcomes, types of bets that can be combined, maximum bet restrictions, etc.) are subject to change at any time and only apply to future bets placed by the client; existing bets are subject to their original terms. The client should be aware of all modifications to the present line before signing the agreement.
  1. If the outcome of an event is known at the time a wager is placed, odds “1” can be used to compute the odds.
  1. In accordance with these rules, if there is a disagreement between the client (a party to the agreement) and the betting company regarding the execution and application of the agreement they reached on winning, such as disagreements regarding the payment of winnings, the outcome of events, the likelihood of winning, disagreements regarding other significant terms of the agreement, the parties shall establish a mandatory claim.
  1. The party who believes that its rights have been violated is required to give the other party a suitable written claim as part of the pre-trial dispute resolution procedure. If the claim addressee is a betting company, the claim must be filed at the betting business’s location (legal address), which is mentioned in the pertinent component documents and verified by the pertinent extract from the register of legal entities. The claim must be lodged at the addressee’s house if the customer (a party to the agreement) is listed as the addressee (or place of stay). Additionally, all legal correspondence may be sent via e-mail at [email protected].
  1. The claim must be made within ten (10) days of the date the plaintiff knew or should have known that his rights had been violated. Documents proving and substantiating the allegations made in the claim must be submitted with it. The claim will be returned without review if there is not enough proof to support the assertions stated in it.
  1. A client’s claim must be evaluated within twenty (20) days of the party’s receipt of it.
  1. The party who feels that its rights have been violated has the right to file an appeal with the competent court at the location (legal address) of the betting company if the claim is not taken into account by the receiving party within the allotted time.
  1. The bookmaker retains the authority to halt accepting bets and paying out wins (including denial, invalidation, and payout of bets with odds of “1”):
  • in the event of unanticipated errors (clear typographical errors in the proposed list of events, inconsistent odds in the line and betting);
  • in the event that the competition’s format differs from the rules as originally written, etc.;
  • if there is proof of an improper betting behaviour;
  • when placing multiple wagers on the same outcomes or on outcomes that are dependent (for example: team win, team win or draw, team handicap, etc.)
  • when placing bets, if any of these rules are broken, or if there are additional factors that indicate the bets were placed incorrectly.

The bookmaker reserves the right to investigate the player’s account for the time frame required to determine the circumstances of any wrongdoing or to dispel any suspicions of wrongdoing. Typically, this time of verification must not be less than 60 days from the date of the suspicion of unfair play, although Mostbet reserves the right to shorten or lengthen it based on the intricacy of the case.

Following the date of the user’s last website activity, winning bets and bets that are eligible for a refund are valid for payment for a period of twelve months. After this time, the account will begin to be debited with the equivalent of $100 per day until there is no longer any money in it (i.e., no activity, any action on the site in the allowed condition). The amount of winning bets and/or bets that must be repaid from blocked accounts will be deducted in one lump sum at the conclusion of the 28-day period.

Claims from players who, for reasons without the bookmaker’s control, are unable to receive wins and/or return bets within twelve months of their last activity, or within 28 days for barred users, are not accepted. The bookmaker retains the authority to revoke bets placed by anyone prior to the event without providing a reason.