Mostbet JetX: Tips, Features, and Bonuses

If you’re looking for a slot where you can win big, check out JetX Mostbet. This exciting game, developed by Smartsoft Gaming, will test your intuition by taking you on a journey in a state-of-the-art jet aircraft. Read on for our review to find out about JetX’s extra features, game tips and current bonuses.

Review of Mostbet JetX

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JetX belongs to the genre of crash games, in which players must predict how far an item will travel before it suffers a crash. The concept of JetX is similar to Aviator, but the focus is on a modern jet aircraft. Your task is simple: predict how far the aircraft will fly before it crashes.

The gameplay and rules look like this:

  1. Place a bet. Start by placing a bet by selecting the amount you are willing to bet on the outcome of the jet flight;
  2. Predict the length of the flight. When the aeroplane takes off, watch carefully as it accelerates across the screen. Your goal is to predict how long it will fly before it crashes;
  3. Take it or risk it. The further the aircraft flies, the higher the multiplier becomes. At any point during the flight, you have the option to press the “Collect” button to get your winnings according to the current multiplier. However, if you wait too long and the plane crashes before you press the “Collect” button, you will lose your bet;
  4. Automatic Cashout. To make the game easier to play, JetX offers an automatic cashout feature. Set the multiplier at which you want to cash out your bet, and the platform will automatically do so if the aircraft reaches that multiplier before it crashes.

Key features of the game:

ProviderSmartsoft Gaming
Release DateJanuary 24, 2019
Max Winx100

Features of Mostbet Jet X

Features of Mostbet Jet X

JetX at Mostbet differs from other slots with a number of interesting features, from progressive jackpots to multipliers and autopayouts. Let’s take a closer look at them.

Progressive Jackpot

JetX introduces the exciting concept of the Galaxy Jackpot, a progressive jackpot that adds engagement and the potential for big payouts. To get a chance at this jackpot, you must wager at least 1 BDT and wait for a multiplier of 1.5x or higher. If this happens, you could be the winner of a jackpot made up of bets from all participating players.

Two Bets

Mostbet Jet X offers the ability to place two separate bets on the same round. This feature allows you to maximise your income potential and tailor your approach to your preferences and risk tolerance.

Return to Player Percentage (RTP)

With a decent return to player percentage of 97%, JetX is able to offer players favourable odds of winning compared to many other online games. While this figure cannot match the generosity of some other games, it still offers players ample opportunity for frequent wins and lucrative sessions.


One of the most attractive aspects of JetX is the ability to earn significant multipliers on your initial bet. Although theoretically a jet aircraft can give infinite multipliers, the maximum multiplier you can realistically win is an impressive 100 times your initial bet. This tantalising prospect adds intrigue and suspense to each round, and makes you eager to wait for a win.

Automatic Withdrawal

JetX offers a handy auto-cashout feature, allowing players to set predetermined thresholds at which their bets will be automatically cashed out.

Bonuses for Mostbet JetX

Various bonuses in the game Mosbet JetX

Mostbet invites you not only to play JetX, but also to get interesting bonuses to increase your winnings. Below we will tell you what bonuses you can use at JetX at Mostbet.

Welcome Bonus

Mostbet in Bangladesh is offering 100% first deposit bonus along with 250 free spins. To take advantage of this tempting offer, simply make your first deposit and activate the bonus within 7 days. The doubled funds and free spins are a great opportunity to experience JetX and win more.

It is important to note that while the welcome bonus offers a fantastic boost to your gaming funds, wagering requirements must be met before any winnings can be withdrawn. However, players who prefer to play without limits can opt out of the welcome bonus during registration. Simply click the “Waiver” button, and after your first deposit you will receive only the money you deposited into your account, giving you complete freedom and freedom in the gaming process.

Free Bets

By becoming a member of Mostbet, you will be able to receive free bets, allowing you to occasionally place bets without using your own funds. These free bets are a great opportunity to try out different games, including JetX.

Weekly Promotions

JetX players can look forward to exciting weekly promotions offering additional bonuses and rewards. These promotions may include cashback offers, increased odds or special bets. Be sure to check out the Mostbet promotions page to take advantage of these fantastic offers.

Loyalty Programme

JetX players at Mostbet can enjoy exclusive benefits through the loyalty programme, with rewards becoming increasingly lucrative as you move up the loyalty levels. From personalised offers to VIP support and special invitations to exclusive events, loyal players receive a range of exciting benefits.

Join Mostbet today and embark on an unforgettable JetX adventure!

How to Play JetX on Mostbet?

How to start playing JetX

If you’re ready to play JetX at Mostbet, follow these easy instructions:

  1. Choose a good online casino. First of all, make sure you are playing JetX on the platform of a responsible online casino such as Mostbet. Go to the Mostbet website or mobile app to get one step closer to JetX;
  2. Find JetX. Once you have logged into your account at Mostbet, go to the casino and under “Fast Games” find JetX;
  3. Select a bet. Before starting a round, you need to place a bet. Decide on the amount you want to bet. You can adjust the bet amount by selecting the desired amount using the controls;
  4. Round Start. After placing your bet, wait for the next JetX round to begin. Once the round starts, the jet plane will start flying and the multipliers will increase. Your goal is to predict how far the jet will fly before it crashes;
  5. Withdraw your money or continue playing. As the jet continues to fly, the multipliers will increase, offering ever greater rewards. At any point in the round, you have the option to cash out your winnings by hitting the “Collect” button. However, if you wait too long and the plane crashes before you cash out and you will lose your bet;
  6. Try again. At the end of a round, you will have the option to start a new JetX round. You can repeat this process as many times as you like, enjoying the excitement and anticipation of each flight;
  7. Explore additional features. JetX offers additional features such as automatic withdrawal, which allows you to set a predetermined multiplier at which your bet will be automatically withdrawn from the game;
  8. Have fun and play responsibly. Above all, remember to have fun while playing JetX at Mostbet. Enjoy the unpredictability of the game, but always gamble responsibly and set yourself limits to ensure a safe and enjoyable gambling experience.

You are now officially ready to join the Mostbet JetX fanbase. Fasten your seatbelts, register via the link and get ready for a flight filled with dizzying emotions and the possibility of big wins!

Tips and Tricks for JetX

Tips and tricks for using JetX

Many players mistakenly believe that they can use a strategy that will start to bring them consistent profits on JetX. It is important to remember that this game is a matter of chance and it will be impossible to win every round. However, there are a few strategies that over the long term will help you increase your winnings.

Martingale Strategy

Martingale is a betting system used in various casino games, including JetX. Its goal is to come out a winner in the long run. The strategy involves doubling your bet after each loss until you win, theoretically recouping all previous losses and making a profit. However, this strategy requires an unlimited balance and can result in significant losses if you reach your betting limit or balance limit.

Large Bets on Low Multipliers and Small Bets on High Multipliers

Many JetX players use this strategy by placing a larger bet on the low multiplier with auto withdrawal and a smaller bet on the high multiplier during the same round. The goal is to reduce risk while maintaining a consistent bankroll and increase the frequency of wins. The low bet is aimed at competing for the high multiplier to increase your balance.

Withdraw Your Money Early

For those looking for a more volatile style of play, consider cashing out early by betting larger than normal and cashing out when the multiplier is relatively low. This strategy aims for consistent profits and timely withdrawals of winnings to mitigate potential losses during bad streaks.

Sign up at Mostbet to test these strategies and remember to approach JetX wisely, set betting limits and handle all gambling responsibly!