Mostbet Online Poker in Bangladesh

Want to play Mostbet poker with a real opponent? Then take part in the games from the Live Casino section. The collection includes the best developments of famous studios: TVBet, Evolution, BetGames, Ezugi, Asian Gaming, Vivo Gaming. Many versions of card games are available – Teen Patti, Casino Holdem, Video Poker, Jackpot Poker, Three Card Poker. Take a seat at the table, place your bet and try to make a winning combination!

What is Poker?

Poker is one of the most famous games in the world

Live dealer poker on the Mostbet platform is a great alternative to traditional poker rooms where players compete against each other. The difference is that the game is played against the croupier rather than between the participants of the hand. In Live Casino there are no betting circles and no bluffing, which makes the game more predictable.

The rules and process of the game:

  • Discipline selection. Mostbet Casino has several online poker variants, including traditional Hold’em and Caribbean Stud. Each of them has its own peculiarities and rules, which should be learnt before starting a hand.
  • Bets. The game begins with the user placing an initial bet. In some variations of poker, additional bets are available, such as jackpot bets.
  • Card dealing. The dealer deals cards, the number of which depends on the type of poker. For example, in Casino Hold’em, participants are dealt two cards each.
  • Decision Making. The player has a decision to make – whether to place an additional bet to continue the game or to discard the cards. This is the key difference from poker rooms, where bidding rounds are conducted.
  • Determining the winner. Once a decision has been made, the dealer and player reveal their cards. They are compared according to standard poker rules to determine the winner.
  • Payouts. If the user wins, he receives a payout according to the betting odds set. In some versions of poker there are bonuses for rare poker combinations.

The minimum bet starts at 11 BDT, which is affordable for most Mostbet users. For high rollers, there are games with bets up to 550,000 BDT, such as poker from Evolution Gaming.

Combinations in Online Poker

The games from the Live Casino section use traditional poker combinations

The games from the Live Casino section use traditional poker combinations that determine the outcome of the round. The amount of payouts depends on their rank:

CombinationDescriptionExamples of combinationsPayout ratio
Royal FlushThe strongest hand that consists of consecutive cards of the same suit from 10 to Ace10♠ J♠ Q♠ K♠ A♠100:1
Street FlashFive consecutive cards of the same suit8♣ 9♣ 10♣ J♣ Q♣50:1
KareFour cards of the same value9♦ 9♠ 9♣ 9♥25:1
Full HouseThree cards of one value and two cards of another3♦ 3♠ 3♥ 6♣ 6♦10:1
FlashFive cards of the same suit, not necessarily consecutive cards2♠ 5♠ 9♠ J♠ K♠7:1
StreetFive consecutive cards of different suits3♥ 4♦ 5♦ 6♠ 7♣5:1
Set (Troika)Three cards of the same valueQ♣ Q♦ Q♥3:1
Two CouplesTwo cards of one rank and two cards of another4♠ 4♣ 9♦ 9♣2:1
CoupleTwo cards of the same value8♣ 8♠1:1
Senior CardNone of the above combinations, win by the highest cardK♥ J♣1:1

Example of a Poker Draw

To illustrate, let’s consider an example of one hand. Let’s assume that a player makes an initial bet of 1 000 BDT and an additional bet for the bonus “Flush or higher” in the amount of 500 BDT. The round starts:

  • Player’s cards: J♠ Q♠;
  • Dealer’s cards: 10♣ 4♦.
  • Common cards (flop, turn, river): 10♠ K♠ A♠ 3♦ 8♠.

The flop is revealed: 10♠ K♠ A♠. With the board cards, the player gets a Flush. He decides to continue the game and makes an additional bet equal to the double ante, i.e. 2 000 BDT. On the turn and river, 3♦ and 8♠ are added. The result is a Flush (A♠ K♠ Q♠ J♠ 10♠) and the dealer has a Pair of Tens (10♣ 10♠ 4♦ A♠ K♠).

The player’s combination is stronger than the dealer’s hand. The winnings are calculated according to the following scheme:

  • The main bet (ante) and the additional bet are paid 1:1, which is 1,000 BDT + 2,000 BDT = 3,000 BDT.
  • Since the player received a Flush, the additional bet on the “Flush or higher” bonus is paid at 7:1 odds, which is 500 BDT × 7 = 3,500 BDT.
  • The final payout is equal to: 3,000 BDT + 3,500 BDT = 6,500 BDT.

Types of Poker Games

Poker varieties at Mostbet

There are more than 10 versions of poker in the Mostbet collection. Each one is characterised by unique rules of dealing cards and forming poker combinations. This variety allows everyone to find a game to suit their tastes – from classic Hold’em to poker based on Chinese dominoes.

Teen Patti

Teen Patti, or Indian poker, is a game in which participants are dealt three cards each. The aim is to get the best combination:

  • “Triple” or “Trials” are three cards of the same rank;
  • “Clean row” – three consecutive cards of the same suit;
  • “Row” – three consecutive cards of different suits;
  • “Colour” – three inconsistent cards of the same suit;
  • “Pair” – two cards of the same rank.

Video Poker

Video Poker is a successful combination of video slots with traditional poker. At the top of the interface there is a pay table showing the combinations and corresponding payouts. The centre of the screen is occupied by the player’s cards, and below there are betting controls and balance information.

The game starts by selecting a bet, after which five cards are dealt to the player. Using the “Hold” button you can select the cards to be saved; the rest will be replaced in the second round of dealing in an attempt to form a combination. If it is a winning combination, the corresponding amount will be automatically credited to the user’s account.

Russian Poker

Russian Poker differs from the classic versions of poker by allowing players to exchange and buy additional cards at the beginning of a round. The player receives 5 cards and then decides whether to bet or fold. If the round continues, he can exchange one or more cards to strengthen his hand (a paid service). Then it is allowed to make an additional bet and buy a sixth card.

Casino Hold’em

Casino Hold’em is a simplified version of Texas Hold’em. The player and the dealer are each dealt two closed cards, after which five common cards are placed on the table. The goal is to make the best 5-combination using two of your own and three of the five community cards.

As in traditional Hold’em, of the combinations available:

  • Couple;
  • Three;
  • Street;
  • Flash;
  • Full House;
  • Kare;
  • Street Flash;
  • Royal Flush.

Payouts depend on hand strength and additional bets on bonuses or jackpots.

Jackpot Poker

In this version of poker, players try to put together a winning combination using the rules of classic Hold’em. Jackpot Poker features a progressive jackpot, which falls when a rare combination, such as a Royal Flush, is won.

Three Card Poker

The goal of Three Card Poker is to put together the best combination to beat the dealer’s hand. Players make an ante (initial bet) and, after reviewing their cards, can make a “Play” bet to continue the hand or discard cards if the hand seems weak. Three Card Poker features additional pair plus bets, which pay out when a pair is dealt, regardless of the dealer’s hand.

Ngau Ngau

Ngau Ngau, known as Bull Poker, is an Asian card game that is based on simple mathematical principles. It comes in many variations, including versions using traditional cards and dominoes.

The player and the dealer receive 5 cards each, which are divided into two hands – with 2 and 3 cards respectively. To get a Bull from a 3-card hand, the sum of points must be a multiple of 10. In turn, by the 2-card combination determines the value of the hand.

Live Speedy 7

In Live Speedy 7 you have to bet on the colour of the next card (red or black). The game consists of seven rounds, in each of which a new card is dealt. The goal is to correctly predict the colour of the card. The winnings increase with each correct prediction. Within one hand, you can increase your starting bet by 2-10 times.

How to Play Poker on Mostbet?

A quick way to get started playing poker

There are no demo versions for games from the Live Casino section. To play poker, you need to join Mostbet:



Follow the link to the official casino site. Click on “Sign Up” and fill in the form, specifying personal data: phone number, e-mail, country of residence, currency.

Registration on the platform

Deposit to your account

Use the “Deposit” option at the top of the screen and select one of the available deposit methods: Rocket, Nagad, Bkash, Perfect Money, etc. Fill out the form, specifying the amount and payment details.

Add money to your account

Go to the games section

Open the Live Casino tab and select the Poker category. Explore the poker options and choose the one you like best.

Open the game section

Start playing

Bet according to your budget and strategy, and start playing.

Enjoy the game and win

Bonuses and Promotions for Mostbet Poker

Best Bonuses and Promotions

Mostbet does not currently offer bonuses for live dealer poker games. There are a few favourable offers for slots that award players up to 45,000 BDT and 250 freespins on popular machines. However, poker fans can take part in cashback promotions and earn valuable prizes in the loyalty programme.

Cashback up to 10%

Mostbet Casino will reimburse up to 10% of funds spent on gambling. Place your poker bets and if you’re unlucky, a cashback will be credited to your bonus account early next week:

  • 5% for losses of 1,000 BDT or more;
  • 7% for losses of 5,000 BDT or more;
  • 10% for losses of 15,000 BDT or more.

The bonus is subject to wagering with a wager of x3 within 72 hours of being credited.

Casino Loyalty Programme

Join the loyalty programme and get coins for activity on the platform: depositing, verification, completing missions, participating in tournaments, etc. For example, for every 750 BDT deposit you get 5 coins, and for every 37 500 BDT you get 12 coins.

Accumulated points are exchangeable for real money. The loyalty programme consists of several levels: the higher it is, the more favourable is the coin exchange rate. At the initial stage it is 6:1, and at the High Roller level it is 1.5:1.

Sign up at Mostbet and start your exciting journey into the world of big bets and exciting hands. Take advantage of the loyalty and cashback offers to make your game more profitable.